About REDSOKS Prints

All of our prints are high-quality, long-lasting works of art. The average life expectancy is nearly a century if kept out of direct sunlight, though we can't directly guarantee that.

You can order any of the prints you see here and they are numbered limited edition. The larger they are...the less we will sell of them.

Simply click the "buy prints" button beside each print after clicking on that print. Then,simply follow the lead to Pay Pal for a secured transaction. Your print will arrive safely to your address in a very short time!

Print features:

  • Printed on Epson Archival Paper
  • Luster finish
  • Life expectancy of ~100 years
  • Canvas prints are available upon request (email or call for pricing)
  • 20% of proceeds go to local AIDS charities.

The prints are not waterproof, but can be treated for water-resistance for an additional $25 fee.

If you have any questions regarding how beautifully our prints will compliment your home, office, or other venue please don't hesitate to contact us.