Companies and Individuals Dedicated To The Cause

These are the companies and people who have come together to show their solidarity in spreading knowledge about this movement. The dedication, perseverance and resources they've contributed to Project REDSOKS allow us to continue changing lives and exposing the dangers of HIV/AIDS for everyone. These are the people that are making a difference.

We have three levels of Sponsors or "Heroes" for the Project:


  1. Gold ($10,000.00 and up)
  2. Silver ($1,000.00 and up)
  3. Bronze ($500 and up)


Please contact us if you are interested in being a HERO for Project REDSOKS!

We have the highest appreciation to all of our Heroes as well as those of you who purchase prints both here and at the gallery shows.

Below are some of our Heroes thus far.




Zero Coordinate Inc

An ethical media management company founded in Berkeley, California. Zero Coordinate is about artists working to create a meaningful and inspirational presence in the world. Specializing in branding, identity, web design and content creation, ZC is fighting the good fight to show the world what you do.

Zero Coordinate's Website



West Point Nursery

Owned and operated by Bob Dunkerly and located in North Wales,Pennsylvania. West Point Nursery is the everything you need business for you if you are groundskeeping,gardening,or simply just need to by a plant or pot for your home.

The knowledgable friendly staff is there to help you plan and make educated purchases.

For more information about becoming a sponsor of Project REDSOKS, please contact Rayzor Bachand by any of the means listed on the contact page.