Project REDSOKS Events

Here you can find information on upcoming events, as well as a listing of some of our notable past events. For the most up-to-date information, sign up for our mailing list.

Gallery Show to Honor Gia
October 2008, Beacon,N.Y.

This was a special show we did in conjunction with many artists at the former Muddy Cup on Main St.during an "Art Crawl"

The event was coordinated by Jeff Cella to honor Gia Carangi and raise Aids Awareness.

Pictured are Rayzor and Penny.

Project RedSoks BTS Film Day
July 2007, NY & NJ

We took a day and shot with 4 incredible models in NY and NJ while a film crew interviewed and shot us behind the scenes.

Look for some of that footage in an upcoming DVD for sale!

Q-Bix Gallery
October 2005, Philadelphia PA

The Show at QBIX was our first official exhibit in a Gallery. We chose Philadelphia from the beginning to promote Project REDSOKS because it's Gia's home town. What better place to start?!

 Q-bix Gallery booked the project for a month-long show in October 2005 and the Project was officially(after 10 years of development)and publicly launched.(after 10 years of development)

At that time,57 women were part of the project.

As of 7/1/2010,over 150 (and more are joining in)women and 1 man are now participating , making the project more of a "movement".

Philly Gala at the Troc
July 2005, Philly

Jamie Gordon(who won the "Be the Philly model IN the Show"contest)and Rob Fay(Gia's best friend and now our's too)

Project Opening Show at the Mansions at Rittenhouse
July 2005, Philly

This was our opening for the project where we had a THREE floor show at the Mansion during the Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

We opened to a great response which garnered so much "buzz" that the Gallery(Qbix) heard about the project and booked a show.

We had print sizes from 9x12  to 48x72 on sale that day!

Promo Soks
July 2005, Philly

 Promo SOKS sold at the shows(look for an update on our OWN soks for sale by a new sponsor soon!)