Dear Supporter,

As a fashion photographer, I started Project RedSoks as a dedication to Gia Carangi , the late supermodel, who left a permanent impression on the fashion industry, and continues to inspire my work each day.

Since the Project began, in 1994, my attachment to this cause has grown more personal.  I lost my brother, Stephen, to complications of HIV/Aids in 2004.  I know many of us have our own reasons for joining this fight, and I want to pay tribute to both Gia and Stephen in the work I continue to do with the Project.  I believe this disease must be conquered, and I dedicate my efforts in this fight to the incredible strength and courage of both individuals who made a deep impression on my life, and will be forever dearly missed.

As a special note...recently we have decided to focus on empowerment with women and the difficult choices they must make including things like choosing to make a partner use a condom, or whether to yield to pressure of using a needle for drugs, or even whether to come out to their parents about being gay. These are all struggles Gia had and faced.
This project is a departure from my fashion work with my long time partner and make-up artist Penny Rosen-Bachand. The images included in Project RedSoks are, in a sense, a celebration of life, a depiction of human emotion.  All the situations are unique, but the subjects consistently display a certain female strength that comes from within.  In spite of the fact that the models are nude, the socks are really the focus of the work and you will find that the nudity soon becomes"second"to the SOKS.

I am grateful to all of the models who have participated and continue to participate in this ongoing project, and also to you for visiting the site and spreading the word about Project RedSoks. 

Thanks especially for purchasing a limited edition photo (numbered and signed) for this important cause.  If you would like to be on a mailing list for notification of Project Red Soks events, or have any questions about the work, please feel free to contact me.

I look forward to meeting many of you in person ,as we travel,showing Project REDSOKS in a gallery near you very soon!

Here's to the last 23 years of PRS and to the next 23 years or until we find a CURE for HIV/AIDS(no there is NOT yet a CURE)

We are not there YET...There's more work to be done!

Rayzor Bachand