What is Project REDSOKS?

Project REDSOKS is an artistic movement (now 23 years old and ongoing!)raising awareness of HIV/AIDS and Women Empowerment.

It draws its inspiration from the life of Gia Carangi—the first modern supermodel—who defined fashion for a generation but was subsequently demonized for contracting AIDS via intravenous drug use. All the REDSOKS photographs feature women displaying their strength wearing solely red socks, and 20% of ALL proceeds from sales go to charities promoting AIDS awareness and prevention.

This is a story about the strength, beauty, and vitality of people pushed to the edges showing solidarity and courage, fighting for a cause, and persevering when people tell them to give up.

For the Press

We're happy to work with members of the traditional media as well independent/social media who are interesting in providing coverage of Project REDSOKS. All inquiries should be directed to rayzor@projectredsoks.com for info about the Project, full contact information, and press-ready images.

Who was Gia?

Gia Carangi was an ordinary "kid" from Philly who became the world's first supermodel. She was also openly gay and became an icon for people everywhere who were labeled as different. She obtained "supermodel"status quickly while gracing the fashion covers, including Vogue and Cosmopolitan.   

In 1984, she was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS which was considered a "gay men's disease" at the time. She had contracted it through IV drug use and was one of the first women ever to be diagnosed with it in North America. Through her diagnosis, Gia also helped make it known that IV drugs could also be a cause of people getting this dreaded disease.

She then went from Vogue covers to wiped off the map in the blink of an eye.

Gia touched millions of lives before and since she died , and she died fighting for awareness of HIV/AIDS, saying "We have to tell the kids how I got this!"

She died at the young age of 26 in 1986.

Project REDSOKS aims to pick up where Gia left off.

Why is Project REDSOKS for profit?

We are independent artists working to live.Therefore,at this time we will continue to be an awareness project donating 20% to AIDS/Hiv organizations of our choice.We are currently seeking sponsorship to enable us to take this project on a national tour and make our message louder and stronger.

 Contact Rayzor if you or your company would like to be one of those special sponsors to Project REDSOKS or if you simply would like to personally DONATE to what has now become a LIFE project for all of us involved to date.

Artist Contributions to Project REDSOKS

Below are contributions to the project and tribute to Gia by an Artist/Poet (and friend)

Gia Marie Carangi

God created woman,

the fashion industry her name
the time / a legend

Even we need your glance
Like the night the reflexes from the moon
Like the heaven the sunset
Like the sand on the beach
needs the secrets hidden in the ocean depths
to inspire the lovers...
Let's observe a minute's silence
Even we miss your body
Like the life / the air
like the time / your name
like the sex / the skin...
Even we have the image
your images
Your letters, your words, your face, some videos
you know
the beautiful memories
And because a model it's about having a fashion and edgy look
Forever GIA
You'll have a place
inside our hearts

---------- ----------- ------
Letter to you - Gia Marie Carangi Written by Diego VALDEZ